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Air Guns

We’ve been providing customers across the UK with air guns since 1991 and in that time we’ve grown to become one of the country’s biggest providers. We’re passionate about what we do which is why we have one of the largest yet lowest priced selections of air guns for sale around. We’re based in Wales but deliver all throughout the United Kingdom.

Our massive selection of weapons and accessories is our defining feature. Whether you’re after air rifles, air pistols, scopes, second hand weapons, pellets, airsoft guns, bags, targets, crossbows, co2 capsule, knives, shooting lamps or airgun BBs, you’ll find everything you could wish for and more right here at Sports Guns. We have a number of special offers and great bargains for you to take advantage of. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll love what the team here at Sports Guns can offer you.

Air Rifles UK

We have a showroom for local customers in Wales, can deliver throughout the UK mainland and can even take overseas orders if needs be. You can buy online with debit, credit or switch cards. Alternatively, we can take cheques if you don’t mind waiting until your cheque has cleared.

So no matter what you’re looking for, how big your budget is, where you live or how you prefer to pay, with our help and wide selection of goods you’ll have your hands on the trigger of a great gun in next to no time. Browse our range of products today and you’ll see why we’re considered to be one of the number one suppliers in the UK for all things air rifle and replica guns related.

If you have any questions about the air rifles UK products we sell, don’t hesitate to call or email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Delivering Air Rifles, Airguns & Air pistols to your door in England and Wales!

Call 01239 - 615996 to order or order online!

Established Since 1991

We deliver usually once a week in all the Counties we serve, once you have ordered your gun we will contact you to arrange delivery.

We can deliver to your place of work if it is in the same County, but you must take identification with you on the day.

We feel our service is second to none. Our comprehensive selection of air guns and crossbows are manufactured to the highest standards by world leading companies.

You will find that our pricing is very competitive as we supply at generous discount prices.

We offer this service on a weekly delivery basis at a very competitive £19.50.


Please note, due to new firearms Legislation in england and wales, all Air Guns, Co2 Guns Rifles, Pistols and Silencers can only be purchased on a face to face basis from a Registered Firearms Dealer.

As an RFD ourselves we will deliver to your door if you live in mainland Wales or England using our own staff and vehicles.

The person who has purchased the airgun or Co2 gun must be the one to receive it and they must produce proof of identity and age as must be over 18


For a wide range of watersports products please see our associated site:

All our watersports products are available from Bay Sports.

Cardigan Sports are a major supplier of the latest models of top quality and budget Air Guns, crossbows and Accessories available either from our showroom in West Wales or by Mail Order.


If you need any help or advice on your choice please call our Cardigan based shop (open 7 days a week) on 01239-615996 or you can speak to Mike Sabiston at any time of day on 01239-615996.

You can of course buy your Air and Co2 Guns, Rifles, Pistols and Silencers from our shop at 30 High St Cardigan, SA43 1HJ.

Just some of The AIR Rifles & AIR Pistols we stock:

Air Rifles

Spring Rifles

  • Spring Rifles
  • Ruger Airhawk .177 Air Rifle
  • Ruger Air Hawk Elite .177 Air Rifle
  • Ruger Black Hawk
  • Ruger Black Hawk & Scope Combo
  • BSA Comet
  • BSA Meteor Mk 7
  • BSA Supersport
  • BSA Polaris
  • BSA Lightning
  • BSA Lightning XL
  • BSA Lightning XL Tactical
  • Cometa 50
  • Cometa 100
  • Cometa 220
  • Cometa 300
  • Cometa 300 Carbine with Silencer
  • Cometa 300 Nickel .22
  • Cometa Fenix 400
  • Cometa Fenix Carbine with Silencer
  • Air Arms TX200 MKIII
  • Air Arms TX200
  • Air Arms TX200 HC
  • Air Arms Pro-Sport
  • Webley Stingray 11 XS
  • Webley Stingray
  • . SMK XS 36
  • Deluxe Sporter .22 Air Rifle (XS208)
  • Thumbhole Sporter .22 Air Rifle (Tp08)
  • Skeleton Hunter .22 Air Rifle (SKL208)
  • SMK synxs XS 20, SMK XS 19
  • Rat Controller (synxs)
  • SYNSG Hunter
  • SMK XS 17, SMK XS 15
  • sytarg


  • SMK XS 12

Co2 Rifles

customer love the co2 air rifles which are great for either hunting or target shooting


  • Umarex 850 Air Magnum
  • TH 78D Thumbhole Deluxe
  • Umarex Underlever Western Co2 Rifle
  • Beretta CX4 Storm XT
  • Crosman 2260 Rabbit Stopper
  • Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher
  • Crosman 2250B King Ratcatcher
  • Rat Sniper
  • QB78
  • Ratsniper Bulk (XS79)
  • Thumbhole Ratsniper Pro (TH 78D Thumbhole Deluxe)
  • QB78 Deluxe
  • sigsaur mpx
  • sig saur mcx

precharged air rifles

  • Daystate Huntsman Classic
  • Daystate MK4is-S
  • Daystate MK4is-ST
  • Daystate Air Wolf MCT
  • Daystate Air-Ranger
  • Daystate Merlyn S
  • Daystate Merlyn ST
  • Daystate Air Wolf MV
  • Daystate Grand-Prix
  • FX Cyclone Synthetic Stock Classic
  • FX Cyclone Synthetic Stock Carbine
  • FX Typhoon T1 Synthetic Stock Standard
  • FX Typhoon T1 Synthetic Stock Carbine
  • FX Typhoon T1 Walnut Stock Standard
  • FX Typhoon T1 Walnut Stock Carbine
  • fx wildcat synthetic stock
  • fx wildcat walnut stock
  • Armex X10 Avenger Sporter
  • Armex X10 Avenger Thumbhole Stock
  • Armex X10 Avenger Thumbhole Stock Left Hand Stock
  • walther blackout kit

    walther terrus

    walther rotex

  • BSA Scorpion
  • BSA Scorpion Carbine
  • BSA Scorpion T-10 Carbine
  • The New BSA R-10
  • BSA R-10
  • BSA Ultra Single Shot
  • BSA Ultra Multi - Shot
  • bsa ultra realtree
  • ultra single shot
  • bsa r10 combo
  • BSA Scorpion T-10 Tactical
  • Air Arms S200
  • Air Arms S400
  • Air Arms S410
  • Air Arms S510
  • Air Arms EV2 MK II
  • Brocock Hunter Deluxe
  • Brocock Hunter
  • Brocock contour elite
  • brocock compatto
  • HW 100S
  • HW 100T
  • hw100ks
  • HW 77
  • HW 80
  • Logun Eagle
  • Logun Sweet Sixteen Evo
  • Webley Raider 1
  • Webley Raider 2
  • Webley Raider 10


  • Spring Pistols
  • Cometa Indian
  • Webley Typhoon
  • Pneumatic Pistols
  • Beeman 2004E
  • Benjamin EB22 Prohunter .22
  • Crosman 1377 Pump Pistol
  • Co2 Pistols
  • Crosman T4 Opts Tactical
  • Crosman 2240 Rat Buster
  • crosman 2250 rat sniper
  • smk precharged
  • smk p900
  • Umarex BERETTA P X 4 Storm
  • umarex peacemaker
  • umarex cp99
  • umarex cp88
  • Umarex BERETTA M92 FS
  • Smith & Wesson 586
  • Colt Combat Special
  • Walther CP88
  • smk sportsmarketing airguns b2.22 airgun
  • b2 custom
  • b3-f.22 airgun
  • xs19.22 airgun.
  • xs208
  • pr900
  • pw900


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