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pellet firing pistols

We stock the largest range of pellet firing pistols from all the major brands. A pellet firing pistol shall be much more accurate than a .177 bb pistol and you can rule out the recoil issue of any wayward bbs coming back at you. Some air pistols are dual action such as the Glock 17 dual ammo that will fire both .177 pellets and .177 bbs. Some pellet pistols can even be used for small pest control due to being full legal uk limit. Remember we deliver air pistols direct to your door using our own staff and vehicles

At sportsguns we supply all the major  high powered airguns from brands such as glock , umarex,webley,kwc, crosman, smith&wesson,keckler&koch,dan wesson,asg, beretta,swissarms and walther.

Diana Chaser .177
diana air gun
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Diana Chaser .22
diana chaser co2 pistol
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SA10 Combo .177
sa10 pistol umarex
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gamo pt85 .177
gamo spain pt85
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smk xs3 combo .22
smk pistol combo deal
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