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sig saur p226 pellet .177 co2 pistol

the new range of sig saur air pistols is here, the sig saur p226 fires .177 pellets from a rotary magazine and is one of the most high powered air pistols on the market, if you are using for pest control or just plinking the sigsaur p226 is the pistol for you.made this model has actually been manufactured by sig saur themselves and not licenced out to another company so the quality is as yu would expect from a real firearm made by sig .


full metal and heavy weight and 1/1 scale of the real thing the sig saur is known throughout the world and used by many law enforcement and militaries due to their reputation for quality.


The pistol of choice of the Navy Seals, the p226 is marked with the anchor on the left hand side of the pistol as offical suppliers to the seals.


the new sig saur p226 from highland outdoors , full metal slide and boddy with plastic grips, ideal for pest control and targeting ,sig saur p226 semi auto .177 pellet
480 fps
co2 16 round magazine
metal slide
metal frame
front sight blade
rear sight fixed
accessory rail
rifled barrel
15,000 guarateed

anchor marking of Navy Seals.

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