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TH208 Thumbhole Sporter .22

SMK Super Grade TH208 Thumbhole Sporter

Brand new range from SMK, the 208 Model Series has something for every one, the TH208 THUMBHOLE SPORTER version is the flagship model in the series and is superbly finished with deep bluing and a very comfortable stock. Totally unparalled value for money.

“It’s ‘maxed out’ in every department
– power, accuracy, handling and finish
– making it a particularly suitable
choice if you’re serious about your airgunning. I am, of course, and I’d happily make room for the TH208 in my cabinet." - Nigel Allen

“Finished in a rich brown that shows up the superb grain of the beech below it, the thumbhole grip of the TH208’s beautiful stock gives you full control of the is befitting of a flagship rifle, and to match the woodwork’s luxurious finish, the TH208’s metalwork is beautifully presented in an even, rich blue...” - Nigel Allen

.177 (4.5mm) ZTH208177

RRP: £219.95

.22 (5.5mm) ZTH20822

RRP: £219.95

  • Weight: 3.81 kg
  • Length: 114cm (45.5")
  • Barrel Length: 48cm (19")
  • Power / Energy: .177 (4.5mm): 800fps / .22 (5.5mm): 600fps (approx)
  • Type: Spring powered
  • Hardwood stock
  • Auto safety catch
  • Break barrel action
  • Adjustable trigger pressure
  • Two stage trigger
  • Superbly crafted thumbhole
  • Barrel weight as cocking aid (suitable for use with scope only)
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