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Top 10 Best selling Pistols

With lots of new pistols on the market and some firm old favorites we here at sportsguns have put together a list of our best selling pistols from the last few months.

1. Umarex Glock 17Gen4 

It had to be on the list , the most awaited and sought after pistol this year.We love the stylish body and attention to detail . It shoots rather well too ,


Since manufacturing their own pistols Sig have not stoppped turning heads , the P226  is as real as they come with its 1/1 scale replica. Full metal and blowback action  and twin 8 shot magazine for fast reloading and a optional threaded barrel for silencer.Packs a punch when firing.

3.The Umarex PX4 Storm -

Pellet firing multishot and very close replica of the real thing. Light and accurate , great for plinking and backyard shooting fun

4.Schofield BB The iconic schofield pistol is finally available to the uk airgun market.

1870 saw the introduction of this pistol to the u.s army and was used by lawmen and outlaws alike including Jesse James , Billy The Kid and many others.

Using the original features that Major George.w.Schofiled patented this model has the original feel and weight of the real thing.5.Gletcher po8 Luger

gletcher luger po8 pistol co2 .177 bb firing , not top be confused with the umarex luger, full metal ,semi automatic , and blowback.22 shot magazine, 110 mps .

6.Umarex Colt Peacemaker Pellet  The stylish iconic cowboy pistol ,The 7.5 inch barrel is fed by a 6 shot chamber that holds 6 removable shells .

The colt 45 is a joy to fire and view and is a must for any western or fan of these pistols.

7.Crosman 2240 - Another firm old favorite that keeps on providing hours of fun . the single bolt action pellet firing co2 pistol has been around for a while yet still remains one of our best selling pistols for pest control and target shooting alike.

8.Artemis PP700 -  Amazing value from airgun giants smk , the pp700 has a beautiful balance when handled and fires like a dream. Value for money and accuracy are just 2 of this pistols plus points.

9.Gletcher m712 broomhandle Mauser - beautifully crafted and heavyweight , 1/1 scale replica of this German Second world war pistol. blowback action , full metal and faux wood grips.

10.Milbro 1911 rail gun dual tone - although fairly new on the market this has become a very popular pistol , full metal and blowback action and a price tag to match anyones budget.