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Mobile Precharged Compressors

The last few years has seen a number of portable and mini airgun "compressors|" hit the UK market,

Those of you that own a Precharged airgun will find your main priority is a supply of air pressure.

Options are gun shop to refill , dive bottle and compressor with trip to gun shop or dive centre now and then or a compressor of your owen . Now this was was only for the ultra keen shooter of the shooter with a few quid in his pocket due to being so expensive ....until now.

You can now pick up a lightweight and portable air rifle compressor for around £500.00 upwards , quite a saving on the previous models which you were looking at £1500 plus .

So what are the pros and cons of these new range of air compressors?

uncomplicated , fitting your rifles connector to the filling hose and the other end to the compressor and as soon as power is on the inverter will start.

pros - portable and lightweight, some even come with jump leads to connect to your car battery if out on the filed or away from home when require filling your air rifle as well as mains electric.

Compact - measuring just 27x20 cm the Air Venturi is ideal for packing light or if have any issues handling heavy bottles or pumps.

Easily storable at home or in garage plus the BIG one ... during Covid  a lot of gun shops ,dive shops have been forced to close , dive bottles can be heavy and require 5 year checks by law in most cases.


fill power-- the majority of portable pumps although have a fill power of 310 bar do not have the power to fill scuba tank bottles and are limited to cylinders of 1 litre of less. This is more than plenty for 99% of air rifles with onboard reservoirs. This does make your bottle redundant but with a time charge of  10-15 mins for 4500 psi tanks .

Work best when topping up tanks and not form empty.

Moisture - like any filling system you will get moisture however they do have moisture traps and filters that should be inspected regularly.  

Filling while out in the filed-

very easy and effortless, jump leads that are supplied with most compressors  attach to your vehicle battery terminals , plug the other end into the compressor . Start engine  while running this ( yes i know im teaching you to suck eggs but someone will pull me up on it) ;)

Downsides , jump leads are quite short , maybe think about purchasing longer ones if required, my advice is to try it out before you embark on shooting trip and do a dry run at home.


to keep your compressor reliable and working like anything it will require a maintenance  schedule , enclosed manuals give the user easy to read instructions on lubrication - every 5-7 fills - and replacing moisture separators - 2-3 hrs- - purging every 20-25 fills.

All are straight forward and most come with the tolls supplied to carry out these tasks.

All come with a 12 month warranty and are readily serviceable by distributors after this time elapses should any issues occur.

So with this in mind why not take a browse to our selection of compressors and any queries please drop me an email.