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Top 10 Pest Control Air Rifles Under £250

Here at Sportsguns we have put together our current Top 10 best selling Air Rifles for Pest control Under £250.00

1.Gamo Maxxim Elite  .22 

A spring break action with a difference , the Elite has a 10 shot magazine that reloads after each break of the barrel removing the need to reload each time.Comes with a 3x9x40 scope and mounts and a built in suppressor.

2.Remington Pest Controller Combo .22

This budget pest control air rifle really packs a punch, full power and with a silencer included as well as fibre optic sights , a scope and bag, this has everything required to get you going.Full power and light custom beech stock. The Remington pest control rifle is one of our favorite rifles this year for under £250

3.Hatsan 900x combo

With its sleek custom stock wooden body and built in suppressor with fibre optic sight included as standard the hatsan 900x is a best seller for the last 3 years . Packing a thunderous punch and excellent accuracy the 900x comes with a padded bag, scope and silencer.

4.Remington Tyrant The tyrant is popular amongst pest control shooters that require a light and maneuverable air rifle . With the barrel incorporating the full length suppressor the TYrant is shorter than most airirfles making it ideal for shooting up into trees and fast moving targets such and rats and squirrels.

Comes with a 4x32 scope and mounts .

5.Beeman QTEC 

The Beeman 1151qt Air rifle is a full powered spring break rifle.

The barrel features a qtec silencer that minimises noise produced from the barrel and is ideal for pest control .

The stock is all weather with chequered grip for extra grip in all conditions and features a safety catch to the rear of the stock.Included is also a 4x32 scope and mounts .

.177 calibre


6.Hammerli Seeker kit .22

The Hammerli Seeker kit air rifle, beautiful custom stock with chequred finish ,rifled barrel and silencer icluded (silencer may differ to one shown).The seeker kit is full power of 11.5ft lbs and is ideal for pest control and target shooting ,lightweight custom stock and with a standard rrp of £199.99 we have a limited number available at this special price.

A manual safety catch is fitted and a 3x9x40 scope and mounts included with a padded bag.

7. Sportsguns Raptor Kit .177 

The Sportsguns Saptor 19 pest control raptor combo is a full powered spring break action air rifle with custom wooden stock, full power of 11.5 lbs legal uk limit and fixed front and rear sights as standard.A manual safety catch for ease of use and extremely accurate up to 50 yards away the raptor 19 is ideal for all pest control and target practice.Included with the raptor is a Richter optics 4x40 scope and mounts and a padded gun bag that has side pocket and shoulder and carry straps as standard .

8.Crosman Stealth Kit

New from the Air rifle giants in the states comes the Crosman Stealth NP , a nitro piston air rife that features a break action barrel that compresses an internal gas ram that produces 11.5 lbs of power.Synthetic camo stock complete with rubber butt cheek to eliminate any recoil and up to 70% quieter than conventional spring break action air rifles.The stealth comes with fibre optic scope as standard and also a 4x32 centre point scope and mounts .

9.Gamo Whisper IGT .22

Incorporates the new IGT system. The spring mechanism has been changed to a piston system, enhancing the quality of this air rifle.ideal for pest control and target shooting and now comes with a 4x32 scope and mounts .

The IGT system provides:- Increases Velocity and Terminal Penetration- Reduced Stock Vibration- Required Cocking Effort- Greater Precision

- Lock Time Pellet

- Steady and COnsistent Power

- Mechanism Extremely Durable

* Scope 4x32  and rail

10.Crosman 2250xl .22 

he rat catcher grows up, with a 4x32 with steel breech and integrated scope rails and 18" barrel with silencer adapter. silencer not included.


steel breech

18" steel rifled barrel

silencer adapter

bolt action

single shot

co2 powered

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