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Sig Sauer Virtus Update



we have been analysing  the current legislation in regards to Airguns and in the spirit of doing the right thing for the industry have decided to modify the Sig Sauer Virtus PCP in order to reduce the rate of fire.

Whilst this is not technically a legal requirement , we have chosen to make this decision and stand by it.

We have modified the trigger mechanism which means that in order for a second shot to be taken you need to push the trigger forward.

This still allows for fun shooting whilst slowing down the rate of fire at the same time as ensuring that this rifle does not breach the spirit of the law.


Due to the design of the Virtus and the rpm loading mechanism each pellet is loaded into the magazine and this magazine acts as the chamber of the airgun. What this means is that the accuracy of the rifle will not be the same as what you could expect from a traditional bolt action PCP where the pellet is seated in the chamber before being propelled.

Provisional testing has shown we expect accuracy of approx 1.25"- 1.5" @20  yards. using certain pellets .

This obviously will become larger the further the distance becomes.

First shipment due pre xmas.


stealth gray housing  handguard and buttstock

30 round rpm rapid pellet magazine

flip up front and rear sight

velocity up to 700 fps

.22 calibre

overall length 37.25"

weight 7.5 lbs

rear precharged bottle with gauge and regulator


The rapid pellet magazine uses sigs own patented pellet drive system.

Rifles come standard with one magazine and refillable belt.

Remember we deliver to your door in all mainland England and Wales .